Living an entire life in the same room as always

Life was simple, a few years ago. I was (am) a student, I didn’t have really any friends, the people I knew were because they were friends from school. We were friends because they were the people I saw every day, 5 days every week. I didn’t talk to them, and they didn’t talk with me, I spend my days going to school, coming from school, eating with my family (not really saying anything, just hearing them talk), going to play some video games the whole afternoon, eating some dinner, again without saying anything and playing some more video games.

My life consisted of playing the same video games I didn’t even like that much. Not talking to anyone, but also not being happy with this lifestyle. Wanting to change something, but not knowing what.

Leaving this mindset is pretty difficult. You don’t really know anyone in your “social circle” so talking with them is hard, and because it’s hard, you don’t really want to do it :(

You just live, not knowing what’s a river because you think you’re happy with this little puddle.

Don’t live your days waiting for them to run out

You may be the same as me a few years ago, not really wanting to go out because going out is scary. And I get that feeling, going out may be scary. But you only live 1 life. Don’t think there’s an afterlife, or a reincarnation, live like this is your last bit of conscience you’ll ever get in all history of time.

It’s great that we get to live in the current era! We don’t have to worry about famine nearly as much, and a lot of illnesses are just a trip to the doctor (which may be even free, depending on your country).

See how long that was? That was only a few seconds. But still, you probably looked for the scroll bar trying to make it to the end as soon as possible. You only get to live once.

So, if you only get to live once, then comes a whole eternity of nothing, and then another eternity of nothing. So get up from that shitty chair and dance 🐱. And I know “go touch grass” is a very common joke on the internet. But as a friend, as someone with good intentions, I can recommend having a social life.

As a conclusion (I want to use these titles one more time hehe)

It’s pretty fun to live life, and, turns out that’s what life is about ❤️