Fear of change is what drives a section of this society backwards. Conservativeness is, by definition, the desire to maintain the current state of something (in this case, society). It tends to distort this innocent fear into hatred as things change and their users contemplate the existence of new things.

When people don’t know something, they tend to assume a set of characteristics. Depends on the person and the “thing” we’re talking about, but those assumptions may be positive or negative. For example, you may assume that a family of four with little children will not steal from you in front of their children. This is a positive assumption, while you may also assume that a tiger will try to eat you at first sight.

Assumptions don’t need to be false to be just that. The tiger will probably try to eat you and the family of four will probably not steal your camera when asking to take a photo of you. But assuming is still dangerous, and it’s more dangerous the less you knowledge you have about something. It creates this psychological “totem” in their heads to project fears onto. Then, this totem is extrapolated to real users in a group.

This means that people fighting a war will see every member of the enemy front as evil, and the majority or totality of their allied fronts as good and benevolent. Or, a more common example, people will hate minorities because they know no one in that group.

I’m pretty tired of people assuming bad intentions from trans people. In this world, trans women are evil creepy men that want to convert your kids into transgender, and trans men as “just confused girls that have been tricked into thinking they’re men”. Why would we have to put up with that shit.

I’m tired of people thinking that I’m a dangerous person, thinking of me as inferior just because of a condition I didn’t even choose. It’s sad and humiliating to be seen as non-human by some section of society, or to need to fight for your humans rights, or to just try to correct something and be seen as a degenerate. It’s fucking sad and infuriating that I’ve lost friendships just because of their religion or beliefs. Having to put up with people saying that being trans is your decision, or that you’re doing this to yourself.

PSA: Trans people don’t choose this, it’s something from birth just as skin tone. It’s caused because of hormonal abnormalities in fetal development. So, if the endocrine system that carried you while you were developing decided to submit too much estrogens (for example), your brain develops as a girl (for example). It’s an hormonal alteration as any other, and yet we’re shamed for that.

Having to jump through legal and societal hoops just to try and live a normal life. It’s tiring, I’m just tired of this.

XOXO, Rant over.