Today, November 22nd, 2023, I have decided to set up a BuyMeACoffee profile. It’s pretty primitive yet, but hey, if someone doesn’t want their money to go through Microsoft’s hands but still support my work, that’s now an option.

We even have a button! Look:

I know, quite impressive!

A new theme

The website you’re looking at right now (unless you’ve decided to visit an old post, for some reason) is, while pretty customized, a premade theme. It’s the Hugo hello-friend theme, by Radek Kozieł. You’ve probably seen a website like this a dozen times! If you peruse other dev’s blogs.

So, I’m making a new theme! Its name is baguette2, there isn’t really a connection with France or anything, it was the first thing that came to mind. If you’re thinking “Wait, were’s baguette1?” baguette1 never existed, kiddo. Don’t question it.

I cannot yet share a lot of info about the new theme, it will come when I feel it’s ready. This means that I’ll have to do some backwards compatibility work, as the current posts modify the blog’s CSS according to how the hello-friend theme handles CSS. I’m not sure if I should be backwards-compatible with the theme or just change the CSS in those posts.

About my inactivity

I know I haven’t been really active lately (I don’t even know if someone reads this blog), I have some medical stuff to sort out (along with the usual Rust developer work, and the “having social life” work), but don’t worry, updates will come soon!

I tend to have high-stakes on the things I write, y’know, only writing when you’re passionate about a subject. But maybe I should create more posts like this! Just me rambling for 2 minutes about incoming things. It’s pretty fun.

So yeah, those were the updates I had, cheers and stay safe!