Today’s post is more of an announcement than of a post in itself, but it comes with lore, so be prepared.

The stories πŸ“–

I have a few short stories written by a younger self that I’d like to be “immortalized”. They are short, usually in the 1 - 3 pages range, but interesting in a way that only a short experience could be. They try new things and the few people that had read them said pretty positive things, so I have no doubt that maybe someone here likes them as well.

The posts listed in the front page will redirect to the English versions of these short stories, but a link to the original Spanish versions of these will be available within those posts. Take into account that they are translated, so the phrasing may lose some of its magic. I’ll try to keep the writing style, but the translations will not be perfect.

The illustrations 🎨

I’m planning on learning some illustration (the traditional way hehe :3 with some courses and such), so both the transcripts and the original versions will be filled with illustrations. They will be release illustration-free at first, but that’s the one goal I have.

What’s next ❓

The first of these stories should be ready (translated) pretty soon, I personally think that it’s a good mouth opener for what’s to come (the title is “A manifest in the defense of pet lampreys”, it’s quite an interesting read).

I’ll release some progress updates in my Buy Me A Coffee page, for when each one is published, and I will also publish there my illustration progress. Let’s hope that by committing to it, I can actually start for once πŸ˜….